Service 4wd, 4hi,4lo lights – Dodge Ram 5.7 2008

Car Forum Repair & Maintenance Service 4wd, 4hi,4lo lights – Dodge Ram 5.7 2008

  • justinf23
    Community Member
    March 28, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    A few months back my service 4wd light starting flashing then shut off. had it looked at but they weren’t able to trigger the light so nothing was done. about 2 weeks ago when the service 4wd came on 4hi also came on and flashed for 20 sec or so and shut off. Now every time the service 4wd turns on 4hi, 4low turns on and flashes and shuts off. this happens when driving in 2wd. i live in nebraska and we didnt get much snow this winter but the couple of times i used 4hi it work with no issues.

    I was thinking it was the actuator but after replacing the light came on 20 minutes later. I was told it could be (transfer case position sensor) but apparently that doesnt exist according to the local part stores. Im thinking its a sensor i just dont know where to begin.

    I have a small up and coming lawncare business and this is our only truck as of now but with these lights i dont feel safe pulling our trailer.

    If any one has some tips or tricks i would greatly appreciate it!!

    Brand: Dodge
    Model: Ram
    Year: 2008
    Engine: 5.7

    March 30, 2022 at 9:52 pm

    I think you should try another repair shop with another scanner to see if they can see any trouble codes, most of the time there should be an error code stored after the light has been blinking, but some cheaper code scanners are not able to see them. However, sometimes you just have to reset the 4 wheel drive module on these models if I remember right.