Problem After New Fuel Pump

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  • zlinks7
    Community Member
    May 4, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    So I had a new fuel pump put in because it was leaking. Cost close to $1,000. Immediately after my fuel gauge went haywire. Inaccurate reading, dropping to E when it’s near full. So I brought it back to get fixed. Claimed to fix it. Still not fix. Brought it back again. Claim to fix it. Still not fixed. Several more times. Still not fixed.

    Again, they claim to have put a new fuel pump in yesterday, but the car didnt even move from the spot I left it, don’t even think they brought it in the bay.


    Once again, leave my house this morning willa full tank, twe seconds later, it drops to E, then back up, as it does.

    They almost seem annoyed with me now, even though its their screw up. Last time I was in they said they think its electrical, and if it is they dont know how to remedy it. They said they ran a code and there was something about the fuel pump.

    I go in with a perfectly working fuel gauge, pay them $1,000 for a new fuel pump, come out with a faulty fuel gauge, and now its like theyre throwing their hands up and saying its not their problem.

    Am I incorrect to think they owe me a refund if they arent able to fix the problem they caused? Ive about lost my mind at this point.

    May 5, 2022 at 7:01 pm

    Yes if the fuel gauge issue started after the repair there is probably a bad connector or they installed the fuel gauge wrong. The fuel gauge sender is often installed together with the fuel pump so