09 g37x sedan electrical short – Infiniti G37 2009

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  • CarEnthusiast223
    Community Member
    February 2, 2022 at 9:49 pm

    Hello, I’m having a very bad problem with my car I went for a 2 hour drive parked my car in the garage and after a while maybe 20 minutes I noticed a burning plastic smell went to my garage it was smoky and smelled like burning plastic, my radiator fan was on my left headlight was on and my throttle bodies were making this electrical whirring sound like they were opening and closing repeatedly. I disconnected my negative battery cable and it stopped. It’s weird because I haven’t done any electrical repairs recently, I noticed in my fuse box not the main one with all the fuses but the relays on the driver side where the anti-theft horn and 2 other relays are, were wet.

    Could the moisture in the relay box cause this to happen? I’ve been googling this for hours and can’t find an explanation please help me figure this out I can’t afford to pay a mechanic atm and I am hoping this is a simple issue some drying and waterproofing could fix or maybe just fitting some new connectors and relay box thank you.

    Brand: Infiniti
    Model: G37
    Year: 2009