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  • Msavona13
    Community Member
    January 10, 2022 at 6:56 pm

    Hey there!
    Took my chevy trax in for an oil change. While there, they also worked on a small oil leak that I had had prior. They fixed one, and mentioned that I may have a second oil leak, but to just keep an eye on it to see if it continued. I didn’t drive much in the week+ following, and less than 250 miles all together. More recently, I started noticing burning smell when I would turn my heat on, and decent sized puddles under my car. At first I didn’t think they were from mine (shared parking lots), and kept checking my level, which never dropped. Looking back, I  feel really stupid  now, but I was looking for it to be low; not too high! But then I looked again, and it is, way past the fill line….and, There is oil EVERYWHERE. All over my engine, all over my ignition coil, visable spots everywhere; and probably other places I can’t see. It seems like they just put way too much in- but with all the leaking it’s done, I can’t believe they could have overfill it that much; isn’t there some sort of calibration in place so that doesn’t happen?

    Or could there be another reason for the oil to read high, and spray everywhere? I’ve read that using the wrong oil can cause a leak and burning smell? Or if they put old oil in, and it thinned too much? But it doesn’t smell old…?

    Also not really sure what to do from here. I called them as soon as I realized friday, and they couldn’t get me in until tuesday. I already had to rent a car, and if I take it back to them, definitely don’t feel safe driving, so I’d have to get I towed; and I don’t know if I trust them to work on it again. Is it unreasonable to ask for reimbursement for my rental and tow? And if I were to take it somewhere else, send them the bill? I know mistakes happen, but this has turned into a huge headache; any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated!


    January 10, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    Wrong oil typically don’t create that big of an oil leak. However, too much oil could potentially make it but is not very likely to be fair! Oil leaks are quite difficult to find and to find it, you need to clean the whole engine with a pressure washer carefully, and then start the engine and check where the oil is coming from visually!