Golf 5 crank but no start – Volkswagen Golf 1.4 55kw BCA 2005

Car Forum Repair & Maintenance Golf 5 crank but no start – Volkswagen Golf 1.4 55kw BCA 2005

  • Marko1726
    Community Member
    September 30, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Hello, I have a VW golf 5 1.4 55kw 2005. About two weeks ago, the car started to run on 3 cylinders while driving for a while, then the engine shut down and I still haven’t been able to start it. Diagnostics told me the fuel pump relay, I replaced it, but the car still wouldn’t start. I checked the fuel pump connector voltage. Since I saw more than 12 volts there, I bought a new pump. The pump is already working, the fuel is already flowing forward, I also measured the pressure. But the car still doesn’t want to start. Coils throw a spark. The camshaft sensor has also been replaced since I found out that there was a short circuit and the connector was melted. One more thing is that the battery now drains extremely fast when the key is in the first position. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

    I forgot to write one more thing, that when the fuel pump relay is connected, electricity does not go to the pump, only when I bypass the relay in the form of a cable that I have connected in place of the relay.

    Brand: Volkswagen
    Model: Golf
    Year: 2005
    Engine: 1.4 55kw BCA