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  • 4thtwin
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    May 28, 2022 at 9:39 am

    A few years ago I purchased a used 2008 Lincoln Navigator.  It ran fine with a few exceptions here or there.  Last year I noticed that my AC was blowing warm so I took it to a Firestone location and they told me I had a leak in my condenser.  At that time I didn’t want to invest the money into getting it fixed but I knew I would get it fixed.  A few months ago I noticed a noise coming from under my hood.  It would come and go intermittently until it became a constant noise.  I figured it out that it was a pully going bad but I didn’t know which one so I took it back to a Firestone place and they told me that the pully wheel on my AC compressor was going bad and needed to be replaced since that belt ran other things on my truck.  I told them the condenser had a leak and I wasn’t even running the AC.  After some negotiations they quoted me a price of a little more than $1500 to replace both the condenser and the compressor.   They said that would fix my noise issue and they would recharge my system so the AC would work again.  Paid the price and drove away.


    The AC ran nice and cool for about 2 weeks then on my way home one afternoon I turned on the AC and it was blowing warm.  I have an infrared thermometer and when I checked the vent it was blowing at about 90deghrees and that was with the temp on it’s coolest setting.
    I took it back to Firestone thinking they must not have fully charged the system.  They called me yesterday to say that the system was empty and they would recharge it again.  I asked them when they did the work did they check for leaks and they said they did but didn’t find anything.  They asked me to leave it overnight and they would recharge it again.  Today they call me and said that they found a leak coming from the evap system and that’s work they can’t do because that requires taking out the entire dashboard just to get to that unit.  So now I’ve gotta drop probably another $1000 or so to get that fixed.


    I’m wondering if the leak from the evap should have been something they would/should have checked or noticed when they did the work and recharged the system?  Granted, I took my truck in for the pulley but they told me that replacing the condenser and compressor would fix my system.  Any recourse here or am I just stuck with another repair on top of what I’ve already paid?



    Brand: Lincoln
    Model: Navigator
    Year: 2008