Car Idling Question – Honda Civic 2.0L 2014

Car Forum Repair & Maintenance Car Idling Question – Honda Civic 2.0L 2014

  • egr009
    Community Member
    April 26, 2022 at 9:15 pm

    I have a question about car vibrations.  When I am stopped at a traffic light for over a minute to two minutes, sometimes a feel a more a strong vibration in my car.  It usually goes away, but may be less intense the next time.  It doesn’t occur when stopped for 30-60 seconds at all.  It is high mileage car with 225,000 miles and checked out two weeks ago when receiving an oil change.  Should I be concerned about the issue.   My car is a 2014 Honda Civic Lx with CVT.   Thanks.

    Brand: Honda
    Model: Civic
    Year: 2014
    Engine: 2.0L

    May 5, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    Is there a check engine light on? In that case it could be caused by misfires. You would also want to check the engine mounts!