96 Accord Spark Plug Boot – Honda Accord 2.2L MFI SOHC 4 1996

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  • kaji9173
    Community Member
    June 22, 2022 at 1:42 pm

    Earlier today when I was driving my 96 Accord (25th Anniversary Edition, 2.2L MFI SOHC 4cyl) on the freeway, I felt the engine begin to murmur. I pulled over and pulled the OBD code, and got P0302: cylinder 2 misfire detected.

    I popped the hood, and immediately saw that one of the rubber spark plug wire boots was loose (photos for reference).

    Spark plug wire boots

    Loose boot

    I tried pushing it back in place over the spark plug, but it would not stay attached. Why might this be? All other wire boots are in place and will not detach even when pulled on lightly, but the boot over cylinder 2 does not want to re-attach to the engine valve cover. Looking at the boot itself, I cannot seem to find any fault with it.

    Loose boot

    Is this because the boot itself is faulty? Is it because the spark plug is out of position? Should I try removing the spark plug and screwing it back in place? Should I put a hose clamp around the boot? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Brand: Honda
    Model: Accord
    Year: 1996
    Engine: 2.2L MFI SOHC 4

    Community Member
    June 27, 2022 at 10:51 am

    That’s interesting. So the plug wire just popped out on its own, while driving? Have you been changing your plugs recently?