Squeak and Shake – Toyota Corolla LE 2012

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  • ShortEndoftheStick
    Community Member
    September 5, 2022 at 9:41 am

    2012 Toyota Corolla LE.

    I bought new rotors and brakes since they were not salvagable. After installation my car still made squeaking noises when I braked so I took it back to find out the manufacturer rotor they installed was defective, the mechanic had that replaced with ceramic rotors. Then another week goes by with a horrible chemical smell that did not go away. I brought it back and the caliber was sticking on one side, they replaced only that one on the driver side. Now I am still having random squeaking when I brake and at 50-60 mph my car shakes not when braking. I really don’t want to take it back to the same mechanics, this will be my 4th time. Apparently they bled the brakes the three times my car has been in their shop. The initial time it was brought in, they rotated my tires. Should I take it back? Any advice on what could be happening?

    Brand: Toyota
    Model: Corolla
    Year: 2012
    Engine: LE