Most reliable model years? Chevy, GMC, Ford

Car Forum General Discussion Most reliable model years? Chevy, GMC, Ford

  • lpd07
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    October 5, 2023 at 10:02 am

    We are looking at buying a used SUV and would like to get opinions on what model years are the most reliable for the vehicles listed below.

    On the surface this question may seem like a buying/selling topic but I am interested in learning of mechanical and maintenance issues, engine and power train recommendations, owner experiences, do’s/dont’s and what to look/watch for which will help in making a purchase decision as well as determining future costs of ownership and general opinions on performing repairs.

    I have setup a search on the major used car sites with a purchase price of $40k to cover bases but in reality, unless something extraordinary comes up, actual purchase price comfort level will be $30k or less for vehicles with <100k miles for model years 2015 and newer.

    Some background..

    We live in New England so weather and rust are a concern.

    One of our major pet peeves are vehicles with so called safety and green features which are either auto on with an option to manually disable each and every time you start the vehicle or always on with no option to disable, an example would be the ever annoying auto start.

    Features such as these and whether or not one has the ability to permanently disable or configure to be auto off by default will weigh on purchase decisions, 3rd row seating and towing capability are also considerations for purchase.

    We have on average been fortunate enough to select quality vehicles which we keep 8-10 years before moving on to something newer. We currently own Volvo’s which we hold in high regard (pre 2015 models)  but our family has outgrown our XC90 hence the need for a larger platform.

    Since we are used to vehicles that are older and not equipped with all of the modern conveniences (probably a good thing as more tech incorporates more issues) we will most likely be happy with most base packages, however navigation, backup cameras and bluetooth 4.0 are highly desired.

    All input is appreciated.

    Makes/Models Under Consideration

    Chevy Suburban

    GMC Yukon

    Ford Expedition (we recently rented a Max for vacation and although not 100% impressed as this 2022 model had some issues/bugs we liked the size and have added this model to the list for consideration but not enough info at this time to know if it will remain an option.)

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    February 7, 2024 at 9:04 pm

    Considering your detailed approach to selecting a reliable SUV, here’s a brief overview of the models you’re considering. Both the Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon offer spacious interiors and towing capabilities, but be wary of potential suspension and electronics issues. As for the Ford Expedition, while it provides ample space and towing capacity, ensure thorough research on reliability and owner experiences. Your emphasis on essential modern features and a practical stance on safety and green features align well with your preferences. Best of luck with your search!