Won’t start – Chevrolet APV 350 5.7L 1996

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  • MikeH1113
    Community Member
    September 5, 2022 at 9:41 am

    96 Silverado 350 2wd won’t start it turns over but nothing
    Things I’ve done as follows:
    Fuel pump fuel filter fuel relay made sure the tank was clean and wiped out and has good new fuel there was water in the tank all the way up to the cylinder but I’ve drained dryer and purged with good fuel the plugs were wet with water but I got new ones and let it sit open to help evaporate what I could not get to, new distributor, cam sensor crank sensor both lower and upper intake gaskets new injectors new plugs and wires has compression on all 8 at about 105 fuel pressure is at 62-65 time is set TDC and 1 on compression no coolant leaks checked via coolant pressure test and held 13 psi for 15 minutes and only dropped to 11.5 after about another 30-45 minutes but I think the test connection was not that great it’s not the pass lock or the pass lock sensor the anti theft light is not on it will fire off a spray can of carb/brake cleaner and then just dies off I’ve looked at all the block and frame grounds they seem fine and also not 1 single code on the scan tool
    Any help would be good thanks in advance

    Brand: Chevrolet
    Model: APV
    Year: 1996
    Engine: 350 5.7L