Parts for VTC-related fix? – Honda Accord 2.4 2009

Car Forum Repair & Maintenance Parts for VTC-related fix? – Honda Accord 2.4 2009

  • Rangoe
    Community Member
    February 17, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    Hi! I’m looking to fix the well-documented rattle/grinding on startup due to the bad VTC actuator, per the technical service bulletin below:

    At 112k miles on my 2009 Accord, I’m way past the warranty, so I’m looking to buy the OEM parts myself.  I would really appreciate some help with two things:

    My plan is to change all the related parts: VTC actuator, VTC oil control solenoid, and tensioner while I’m at it since it can easily be part of the same repair. The actuator and oil control solenoid are the redesigned R5A parts per the above TSB (14310-R5A-305 and 15830-R5A-A01, respectively) to replace the faulty R44 parts, but I’m wondering what the correct “updated” part I’d have to order for the tensioner? I’ve found 14520-RAH-H01 for the tensioner online, but am scared of buying the wrong one. Would these be correct, and am I missing something?
    I searched the web for where I could reliably get OEM parts at a good price, but am confused by the parade of similar-sounding websites:

    …and many more! I’m assuming they can’t all be legit, so can anyone recommend a trustworthy place for original parts? Thanks so much!

    Brand: Honda
    Model: Accord
    Year: 2009
    Engine: 2.4

    February 21, 2022 at 9:52 pm

    I think you should call an authorized Honda dealer and they will give the accurate part numbers you need for the bulletin repair! There’re a lot of sketchy websites online also, so if you are not 100% sure it’s legit parts it may be worth the money to just buy it from your local authorized dealer!